Our Mission
  • To function as a Theravāda Buddhist temple, in accordance with the Tipitaka.
  • To promote and facilitate continuous study of and adherence to the Tipitaka among members of the Catu Parisa, the fourfold community of bhikkhus, bhikkhunīs, upāsakas, and upāsikās.
  • To promote, teach, proclaim, establish, reveal, explain, and clarify the eighty-four thousand dhammakhandha (aggregates of Dhamma) in the Tipitaka.
  • To revive, promote, and support the community of bhikkhunī and sāmanerīs.
  • To return the Buddha Catu Parisa community of Sammasambuddha to Jambudipa (ancient name of the Indian subcontinent).
Our Vision
  • To carry the teaching that was handed down from the First Buddhist Council, during which Five hundred Arhants Sangha who convened to recite all the discourses known as the Pali Tipitaka (the Buddhist Scriptures) at the Saptaparni Cave in Rajgir, a year after the Buddha passed into parinibbāna at Kushinagar.
  • To follow the spirit of the King Asokan missions which spread the message of the Buddha throughout his vast empire and beyond.
  • To become the Buddha Catu Parisa community of Sammasambuddha who are: "accomplished, trained, skilled, learned, well-versed in the Dhamma, trained in accordance with the Dhamma, correctly trained and walking the path of the Dhamma, who will pass on what they have gained from their own teachers, teach it, declare it, establish it, expound it, analyze it, make it clear: until they shall be able, by means of the Dhamma, to refute false teachings that have arisen, and teach the Dhamma accompanied by wonders (sappātihāriya dhamma) " (excerpt from the Mahāparinibbāna Sutta, the 16th Sutta of the Digha Nikaya the first division of the Sutta Pitaka of the Tipitaka).